Welcome to the Sextacular Family! We believe in letting our crew identify however they choose so some of their titles may be a bit unorthodox. We ask you address them by their preferred titles, for without them, we wouldn't have this awesome show for you:D

Behind the Scenes
Josh Michel: Executive Producer

Josh has been doing improv for 15 years and has been thinking about sex a lot for even longer. Josh will be a producer for The Sextacular Show and perform in One Night Stand, an improvised look at the before and after. Josh's past credits include being a producer and actor for the experimental sketch team "MOSAIC", being an actor in "T! An MBTA Musical" and being a producer and cast member of "Magic: the Gathering: the Show."
Current Projects: 

Patrice Faulkner: Executive Manager of Operations

 Patrice Faulkner is the Executive Manager of Operations for the Sextacular Show and has over a decade of project management experience in academia, financial services and real-estate.  She is now applying her talents to the greater sexy good.  She is the glue that holds the show together

Drew Cook: Service Top (Stage Manager) 

Drew Cook is a grad student, perpetual game theorist and ardent explorer of new experiences. He is never one to shy away from a potential adventure and is always willing to share the results on stage. Drew will bring us into one of his adventures through his storytelling.  

Chris Connolly: Founder

Chris Connolly has been a sex educator for over a decade teaching in community centers, health departments, conferences, universities and living rooms. In March 2014 she began storytelling and found incredible power in learning through entertainment. The idea for the Sextacular Show came to her in March 2014 and she has been cultivating a community of amazing people dedicated to the success of this project as the Sextacular Show Artistic Director & Founder.
Current Projects: Trust me, this project is plenty- Chris 

Rebecca Maddalo: Cinematographer
Rebecca Maddalo is a five-foot-tall, fiercely dedicated, and unfailingly curious filmmaker. She graduated from Harvard in 2013 with a degree in filmmaking and has pursued a career in it in the Boston area since. Her background began in documentary and has transitioned to narrative filmmaking as she pursues her dream of writing and directing feature films. She currently freelances as a writer, cinematographer, editor, and photographer in Boston, while associate producing a local documentary.

Jordan B: Composer of theme music


Social Media:
Sean Kennedy:                                                           Vex:                                                             Srilatha Rajamani
Supreme Master of the Social                               Naughty Internet Liaison                     Bae of the East, 
Media Universe                                          NSFW: naughtyvex.tumblr.com                          The Dangerous Sutra Tweeter


Graphic Design:

Kate Inflight                                             Rick Broider  

Photographers: Emile Daigle & Echo London


Post Show Break-Out Session Facilitators

Jacey Eve was called into the poetic game of meaning making at age 17. Since then, they've been practicing spoken word poetry, theater of the oppressed, dance, storytelling, social activism, and space-making as tools for community building. Most recently, they co-initiated a long-term, self-sustaining, collaborative community project at the Claremont Colleges titled: "Healing Justice: Queering the Intersections of the Personal and Political" which consisted of workshops, weekly gatherings, and performance. Jacey also co-wrote and performed in various acts -- over several years -- in an ongoing Queer Burlesque show, addressing ableism, academia, embodiment, gender justice, love, and more through a liberatory framework. They is currently working on building and feeling a sense of queermunity in Boston."

Tim Hall is a Detroit native with a passion for impacting people through the arts. He has drawn most of his inspiration from hours of watching Def Poetry Jam and using poetry to express life experiences. He had the honor of opening up for the Asia Project, a very talented and inspiring Def Jam Poet, and currently is a member of the Wisdom Beyond Words poetry crew. He is thankful for every opportunity to share his art and impact others, for this is the soul-purpose of Tim Hall.

Aida Manduley is a seasoned organizer and speaker who got her start in LGBTQ activism, this bilingual boricua is stationed in Boston pursuing her Master's in Social Work. She currently reps The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health and contracts with other agencies on the side. Having worked in nonprofit development & management, event-planning, sexuality education, anti-violence advocacy, digital literacy, immigrant rights…you can tell she likes to put her spoon in many pots. Many wonder how this knife-loving Ivy Leaguer grew out of a Jehova’s Witness family!

January 2015

                             Boylesque:                                                                                                          Poetry:
                               Dax & Ala                                                                                                          Tim Hall

                                        How-To Dirty Talk:                            Stand-Up :                               Story Telling:        
                            Cameryn Moore                               Srilatha Rajama                     Circe Rowan
                                                    camerynmoore.com                                                                   http://ariflynn.blogspot.com/

Improv: One Night Stand
Alex Tennant & Marissa Buie
Directed By: Josh Michel


October 2014
                             Stand-Up:                            Burlesque:                  
Jade Sylvan                
Kwasi Mensah
Jezebella Deville           

 Story Telling:                  Pole Dancing:
Emily Ruskowski
Spinny Bitch
One Night Stand
Josh Michel &  Alex Tenant



July 2014

Rope Bondage:                            Clowning:                                             
Hitchin Bitches Boston           Tasha Connolly                                                               

Stand-Up:                                             Project  BDSM:
Nonye Brown-West                           Travis Alex 
http://tinyurl.com/q9h9f28            NSFW: http://projectbdsm.tumblr.com/

The More You Know Mini Sex Ed :
Chris Connolly & Sarah Paterson