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Promotion & Day of Show Information

When selected for the show, the following materials should be on hand for the promotional team:

1) A head shot you'd like us to use on our posters, the website and social media sites (Facebook, FetLife, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, YouTube)  

A Head Shot is a Hi-Res 300 DPI photo taken by someone else.
This is a head shot of our founder Chris:

Not a head Shot:
This is Chris in her bathroom taking a selfie on her phone.  It's a photo of her head, however, not a head shot. 

Kinda a head shot:
This is a photo someone else took with their phone while she was teaching a class.  It's hi-res enough for the internet, but not hi-res enough for our print promotion:

2) What name & descriptor you'd like on poster.  Below you will find an example of our poster with descriptors :

3) A few sentences to get people excited about coming to see you act.

Comic: Emily Ruskowski recently returned to Boston from the D.C. area, where she has performed stand up for the past four years. She was the 2011 winner of the D.C. Improv’s “District’s Funniest College” Competition. She performed at the 2012 Boston Women in Comedy Festival and has opened for Tony Rock and Gilbert Gottfried. Emily was also profiled as one of D.C. Comedy’s “Next Big Things” in the Washington Post’s Going Out Guide.

Writer: Called a "risque queer icon" by the Boston Globe, Jade Sylvan is the author of Kissing Oscar Wilde and some other things. Publications include pieces in The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, The Toast, and many more. Jade hates pronouns and likes you.

Dancer: Originally a classically trained ballet dancer, Jezebella has been dancing since the age of three and was a member of a professional ballet company as a teenager. She has been studying burlesque since 2010, and has also studied bellydance, salsa, and swing dancing during that time period. She has also been involved in the formation and leadership of the local Boston sex-positive community through educational and personal events, and has been involved in poly and queer communities for over a decade.

4) Anything you would like us to link to including your website, social media page or upcoming events. 

5) As we promote the show we would also like to promote you! Send us your links to your social medias like these:

6) Physical acts must do a run through of their act in the theater before the day of the show.  This is so they have time to fix any unforeseen problems before show time.  Here are the measurements of the space:

Day of Show

Call will be one hour before show time (8:30).  We do a cue by cue to make sure tech has everything they need and both you & tech know your cues. 

You have five minutes or less for your set (unless you are doing one of Chris's productions-Sex Ed in November and Sexual Healing in February).  We have to be out of the space in an hour 1/2 and we have this show planned down the minute.  So if you see the red light flash in your face, get off stage as respect to the show, other acts and the venue. 

For the run through you will need:
  • Your music or slides on a thumb drive or link sent to Goshman our Production Manager one week before the show.
  • All costumes & we will practice disrobing if that is part of your act.
  • The order of acts and approximate times will be posted in the green room be ready to go on 10 minutes before the time posted.
The show is held every 2nd Thursday at ImprovBoston at 40 Prospect St Cambridge, MA 02139 at 9:30pm